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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dessert Table

Look how cute!!!

Isn't this the prettiest dessert table? Dessert tables have become quite popular in the last few years. From weddings or birthday parties - it's a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth and make a beautiful focal point for a room.
The photo above was for a little girl named Ella 1st birthday party. You can read more about the wonderful party here: http://www.itwontbelikethisforlong.com/2011/09/ellas-first-birthday-party-part-1.html

And look at the custom made pink and blue baskets in the background. Yup those would be from Buttercup Marketplace!
We can custom match any of our wooden items (baskets, boxes, trays) to match any color. Either use our color chart

or send us a swatch of fabric and we can color match it!
See www.Buttercupmarketplace.Etsy.com for more information.

Thanks for stopping by!

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